Boston Red Sox Fueling Up on The Gilded Nut

April 4, 2014

By , Bangor Daily News

Forget peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

On Sunday before Big Papi and co. take to friendly Fenway, the Sox will be running on Maine snacks. Pistachios from The Gilded Nut Snack Co. in Portland were selected as pre-game fuel for the home team.

“I grew up watching the Red Sox with my dad, so this brings a smile to my face,” said Catherine York, who founded the two-year-old company with her husband John Powers.

From their offices in the Old Port they sell jumbo California pistachios that are cooked in small batches and flavored with mediterranean herbs, habanero, sea salt and pepper.

How did John Henry authorize these high-end pick-me-ups?

The team’s nutritionist was visiting the Sea Dogs, grabbed a box of the gourmet nuts in town and was hooked, said York.

“Proteins are known to help preserve, replenish and repair muscle during a work out,” she said.

A much better choice than fried chicken and beer.

No word if the gluten-free, non GMO, protein-packed nuts will bring home a win. Or if they will eventually be paired with Fenway Franks at the park concessions.

That’s “another animal, and we haven’t approached this topic,” said York.

That’s the story in a nutshell.