Lower Your Shipping Costs: You Asked, We Listened.

It wasn’t easy.

But, we are excited to announce that we have added USPS to our shipping options which will save you 10-40% on 1-2 case orders.


Here’s the crazy story:


We heard from you that our shipping costs were too high.  We agreed (well, they’re not OUR shipping costs, we just pass on what we are charged).  But, despite our efforts, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) wouldn’t pick up from our facility, only UPS.

Why?  Because we were too close to a USPS office – almost across the street.  I guess they expected us to bring packages to them.  Most people don’t have time to go to post office every day – especially when your every moment is focused on making the best tasting snacks around!

Our business is in Portland, ME but we produce our tasty gems just outside of CA, near where the pistachios are grown.  This allows us to keep the product fresh and maintain a small carbon footprint.

However, because we live in Portland, ME, we couldn’t beat down the doors of the Postmaster in California to plead our case, so we did it here in Portland.

Let me say that the USPS staff in Portland are our heroes.  They put together a professional presentation and coordinated the entire effort. They met with the Postmaster in CA and convinced USPS to schedule pick-ups from our facility.  After tons of coordination, we finally did it!

We expect there to be a savings of 10-40% on shipping for 1-2 case orders, depending on where you’re located.  It’s more economical to ship UPS for quantities over that amount.

The U.S. Postal Service is like your electricity provider – you expect the lights to come on when you flip the switch, and you only contact them to complain.  But we can finally say “hats off” to the #United States Postal Service.  Not something they hear every day, I’m sure!