Taquitos.net Review of Mediterranean Herb Flavored Pistachios


Gilded Nut No. 2 Mediterranean Herb

Taste: This box contained a clear bag filled with lots of opened, in-shell pistachios, with some seasoning on them, as well as lots of loose seasoning at the bottom of the bag. Following the recommendation on the back of the box, we shook up the bag to even out the seasoning. (It actually said to shake the box, but we forgot to do that before taking the bag out.)

We opened the bag and grabbed a few pieces. The shells were pretty easy to pull the rest of the way apart, and we’re glad we did, because the pistachios were soft and tasty, with some really nice Mediterranean herbs and spices. The box also recommended sucking on the shells to savor more of the flavor, so we tried that too, and they were quite flavorful thanks to all of those great herbs and spices. The taste of the sucked shells seemed even zestier than the pistachios.

We shared the smallish bag with a panel of beer-consuming snackers, and they all had high praise for the taste.

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Aroma: Very zesty mix of herbs. Nice!

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